June 3, 2017

My worst nightmare happened on September 14, 2011 when we took our 2 month old daughter to her well visit. I was always on the fence about vaccines but still uninformed and weak. My husband was more traditional but he knew he didn't want her to get ALL shots in one day. We argued a lot. Mostly because he didn't understand the true dangers of vaccine ingredients until that unforgettable day. We were being bullied and felt a lo...

June 1, 2017

It started out as an ordinary day. It was my sleep in day. Yes, my husband and I give each other 

designated sleep in days (my idea) if we didn't we would have been divorced by now. No, but seriously  

I really look forward to those days. Who wouldn't right? Do you think my kids care that their momma needs sleep? Nope, a typical day consist of them running in our room screaming for me to wake up.


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My experience with vaccines and why we stopped getting them.

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