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Essential Oils

I was searching for alternative ways to heal when I was approached by a Wellness Advocate to join doTERRA back in 2014. I did my research and literally tried every brand out there before I made my decision meanwhile, I continued to be contacted by this person and felt the pressure to join. I spent a few months testing each brand out but kept going back to doTERRA (on my own) because I found they worked the best and quickest for me and my family. I really don't like that they are a MLM company so don't worry, I'm not here to try and sell you anything or try to convince you to join because that is what happened to me and that is not how anyone should be introduced to a brand. If you're with this company you know that with shipping the oils are ridiculously overpriced but I was being enticed by the discount. So between the discount and the pressure the next thing I knew I was spending hundreds of dollars that I didn't have on an enrollment kit and signing up as a Wellness Advocate. While I love the oils, I wish the introduction part would have been handled different because it really left a bad taste in my mouth. There are too many MLM pushers these days. Just my two cents.

People would come to me and ask advice on what oils to use on their child for this ailment or that scrape and being the empathetic - unselfish person I am, I would send them generous samples or let them use my discount. I'm a giver. Thats just me. I knew deep down I wasn't cut out for the selling part. I think the most that I ever made from that company was $20. That is not a joke. Yes, it would be great to make money on a product that shows positive results but I refuse to go out of my way to try and sell them. If someone is interested I'm happy to help share what works best for us and if they want to join its up to them to make the informed choice not by me pressuring them into it.

Based on experience, I know they work and that is all that matters in this family.

Although I am stocked up, I do not use them all. My go-to must have oils are melaleuca, lavender, eucalyptus, digestZen, peppermint and frankincense. I am always diffusing wild orange and as a Doula, I've used Clary Sage successfully on a laboring woman. I believe wholeheartedly in these specific oils and will continue to use them when needed. Melaleuca is my favorite especially since I have two little ones it comes in handy when they get cuts or scrapes.

Here is a great example about why I love the healing properties of these oils. My kids were playing on their "then" trampoline and my daughters mouth slammed into my sons head. She busted her lip, teeth and bruised her gums. The first thing I did was give her Hypericum 200C for nerve damage, a homeopathic remedy - Arnica for bruising and then grabbed the Ouchy Spray, which is a blend of these essential oils - Melaleuca, Frankincense, Lavender and Helichrysum mixed with Fractionated Coconut Oil. I sprayed this mixture on some gauze that I wrapped over a reusable ice cube and had her place the the gauze on her gums and lip for 20 min at a time. I gave her favorite soft foods for the first three days to avoid any pressure on her bruised gums.

When we took her to the dentist, she took a look at her X-ray told us her front two teeth would definitely turn black and that there was nothing we could do - the damage was too severe. I didn't give up and continued with the homeopathic remedies plus the Ouchy Spray. She was back to normal within a week.

My daughter booked an Editorial Modeling Print job three days before her accident and was still able to work despite her fat lip. The photos turned out beautiful!

Here are the photos of her progress - March 2015.

I know using the remedies above was not just a stroke of luck because it happened a second time when my daughter had an "accident" at her then preschool. This makes my blood boil because of the negligence so I won't go into to much detail but she was going down a slide and another child was climbing up the slide at the same time. They allow this as part of play time claiming they watch them closely. On this specific day, there was no proper supervision watching to see if the coast was clear for my daughter to go down and because they allowed this child to go up the slide, they both collided with each other. The impact knocked her three front teeth loose and bruised her gums.

We ended up taking her to a different dentist this time. A more Holistic Dentist who's opinion I really trust. She took an X-ray and told me the nerve was completely severed and her front two teeth would most likely turn black. She was not to hopeful because not only was the nerve severed, her right front two teeth were really loose and the front one was hanging down slightly lower than her left front tooth. The dentist said there was a chance it could tighten back up but unlikely.

I'm not going to lie, I was a wreck this time because I really thought our luck ran out but I knew the the Hypericum combined with the essential oils saved her teeth the first time so that is what I did for this time and wouldn't you know. Healed within a week!

Here are the photos of the progress:

I am just happy that I had these remedies on hand - from the homeopathic hypericum and arnica to help her body heal and cure from the inside and the essential oils to help her heal her mouth on the outside. I'm also grateful that I was informed on how to use these remedies and understand the amazing healing properties of Homeopathy and Essential Oils.

Here she is today. No discoloring what so ever!


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